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The hospitality industry has now had the chance to reopen and start doing what they do best after an incredibly difficult year, that doesn’t mean the end of at-home meal kits. While we encourage you to get out and give the chefs below your custom in their fantastic establishments, many have decided to continue to offer an ‘at-home’ experience. Our core ethos is to support the UK's amazing chefs in every way we can, which is why we've brought together every ‘at-home’ service currently offered by the chefs featured on our website, to make it as easy as possible for you to find and order something truly special to enjoy in your own kitchen.

While we don't benefit financially in any way from this, anything we can do to help our chefs benefits them, us and everyone who loves the UK's world-class food scene. Think of this as a directory – each link will take you to the restaurant’s own website, where you can order something delicious. Some deliver hot food locally; others offer a nationwide ‘finish-at-home’ box where all the hard work is done for you. A lot of these products sell out fast and can change regularly, so always plan ahead and double-check the delivery areas before ordering.
29 products
  • Adam Handling ~ Hame by Adam Handling (Nationwide)
  • Andy McLeish ~ Chapter One @ Home (Nationwide)
  • Asma Khan ~ Darjeeling Express (Nationwide)
  • Atul Kochhar ~ Kanishka (Within and around M25 only)
  • Ben Tish ~ Norma Feasting Boxes (Nationwide)
  • Christoffer Hruskova ~ The Bread Station (London only)
  • Dominic Chapman ~ The Beehive (Collection only from White Waltham, Berkshire)
  • Francesco Mazzei ~ Radici/Sartoria at Home (Nationwide)
  • José Pizarro ~ José Pizarro at Home (Nationwide)
  • Larkin Cen ~ Woky Ko (Bristol and Newport only)
  • Mark Hix ~ Hix at Home (Nationwide)
  • Pascal Aussignac ~ Shop Gascon (London only)
  • Paul A Young ~ Paul A Young Fine Chocolates (Nationwide)
  • Richard Bainbridge ~ Dine at Home (Collection only from Norwich)
  • Richard Corrigan ~ Daffodil Mulligan (London only)
  • Robert Ortiz ~ Chakana @ Home (Collection only from Birmingham)
  • Sat Bains ~ Momma Bains (Nationwide)
  • Shuko Oda ~ Koya Mail (Nationwide)
  • Simon Hulstone ~ The Elephant (Collection only from Torquay)
  • Simon Rogan ~ Simon Rogan at Home (Nationwide)
  • Skye Gyngell ~ Spring To Go (London only)
  • Stosie Madi ~ Parkers Pantry (Nationwide)
  • Tom Aikens ~ Musette (Nationwide)
  • Tom Anglesea ~ The Laughing Heart (London only)
  • Tommy Banks ~ Made In Oldstead (Nationwide)
  • Vivek Singh ~ The Cinnamon Club (Nationwide)
  • Will Bowlby ~ Kricket (London only)
  • William Curley ~ William Curley Online Boutique (Nationwide)
  • William Drabble ~ Seven Park Place at Home (London only)