Browse Great British Chefs’ very own collection of cookbooks and merchandise, upgrade your kitchenware or treat yourself to a food-filled hamper. There’s plenty to peruse in the Great British Chefs shop.


    Tea towels, tote bags, oven gloves and more – let everyone know what your favourite place for culinary inspiration is, or find the perfect gift for any fan of Great British Chefs.


    Great British Chefs’ own range of cookbooks share the knowledge and secrets of top chefs with home cooks, taking your own dishes to the next level.

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    Any good recipe starts with amazing ingredients. Great British Chefs have partnered with to provide you with easy access to high quality ingredients from independent producers, as well as drinks, gifts and more.

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    Great kitchenware is an absolute necessity for anyone who takes their cookery seriously. That's why we've partnered with some of the best cookware brands around, so that you can easily get hold of top quality pots, pans, baking trays and more.

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    Scofinn is a Finnish/Scottish illustrator, inspired by colour, food, nature, mid-century pans and ceramics. Browse her inspirational Kitchen & Home products designed in her signature, Mid-century, Nordic style, with a focus on colour and simple form.


    From top-quality cheese and charcuterie to seasonings and condiments which will take your food to the next level, treat yourself to some of the amazing produce available from our shop.

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  • David ~ Hacks

    If the rest of the book is as good as this lamb rump dish, you can lock me down forever!

  • Phillipa ~ Gold tea towel

    The quality of the linen is lovely

  • Simone ~ Mothers Mug

    Loving the fine bone china mug. A very special gift