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Great British Chefs: Open Kitchen

Great British Chefs: Open Kitchen

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30 of the UK’s top chefs showcase the diversity and breadth of Britain’s culinary landscape through 50 inspirational, exclusive recipes. Step inside the kitchens of the UK’s most exciting culinary talent, from the Harbour Cafe in Fife to the 3 Michelin star L’Enclume in Cartmel. The recipes have been specially adapted for the ambitious home cook, typically a food lover interested in fine dining and quality ingredients. Expect everything from traditional Malaysian, Chinese and Indian dishes, to Michelin starred Mexican and refined Modern British cooking. Photographer Andrew Hayes-Watkins has been given exclusive access beyond the pass, showing what it takes to run a top end kitchen. Featured chefs include Andrew Wong, Lisa Goodwin-Allen, Tommy Banks, Roberta Hall McCarron, Ramael Scully, Stosie Madi, Chet Sharma and Endo Kazutoshi.

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