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Great British Chefs: 120 Recipes From Britain's Best Chefs

Great British Chefs: 120 Recipes From Britain's Best Chefs

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Great British Chefs: 120 recipes from Britain’s best chefs

Our debut cookbook is a testament to just how incredible the UK’s food scene has become. Featuring 120 fully illustrated recipes from 60 of the best chefs cooking in the UK today, it covers everything from simple weeknight dinners to more complex courses for dinner parties. While the recipes in this book may come straight from the minds of top chefs, we’ve ensured that they’re all suited to the home kitchen, perfect for ambitious cooks looking to impress. The chefs featured in the book are:

Britain's Culinary Masters: Pierre Koffmann, Mark Dodson, Shaun Hill, Paul Heathcote, Marcus Wareing, Nathan Outlaw, Simon Rogan, Michael Wignall, Michael Caines, Sat Bains

Flavours of Europe: Pascal Aussignac, Eric Chavot, Daniel Galmiche, Chris & Jeff Galvin, Francesco Mazzei, Theo Randall, Luke Holder, José Pizarro, Agnar Sverrisson

Flavours of the World: Alfred Prasad, Vivek Singh, Peter Joseph, Andrew Wong, Robert Ortiz, Hideki Hiwatashi, Peter Gordon, Anna Hansen, Graham Hornigold, Marcello Tully, Scott Hallsworth

Classic British & Pub Food: Jeremy Lee, Richard Corrigan, Robert Thompson, Geoffrey Smeddle, Frances Atkins, Galton Blackiston, Josh Eggleton, James Mackenzie, Emily Watkins, Dominic Chapman

Modern British: Tom Aikens, Alyn Williams, Adam Byatt, William Drabble, Adam Gray, Martin Wishart, Paul Ainsworth, Simon Hulstone, Andy McLeish, Adam Stokes, Nigel Haworth, James Sommerin

New Wave: Robin Gill, Merlin Labron-Johnson, Chantelle Nicholson, Lisa Goodwin-Allen, Phil Fanning, Paul Welburn, Paul Foster, Paul A Young


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