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Great British Chefs: Around The Table

Great British Chefs: Around The Table

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After more than a year of lockdowns and social restrictions, the one thing many of us have missed most of all is enjoying food with the people we love. From casual get-togethers to all-out dinner parties we’re hungrier than ever before to cook for others, and this book provides all the recipes and inspiration you’ll ever need to make your next gathering a culinary triumph.

Featuring 70 brand-new recipes divided into seven chapters, Around The Table combines cheffy twists with comforting, shareable dishes that are perfect for all manner of occasions. We’ve even enlisted the help of some of the UK’s most exciting chefs to share their own recipes in each chapter, meaning there’s ample opportunity to really push the boat out.

We’ll provide the recipes. You provide the company.

The Chapters
Small Plates ~ Sharing Platters ~ Al Fresco ~ One Pots ~ Dinner Party Starters Dinner Party Mains ~ Make-Ahead Desserts
The Chefs
Adam Bennett ~ Angel Zapata Martin ~ Ben Tish ~ Charlie Hibbert ~ Graham Hornigold ~ Harriet Mansell ~ Kerth Gumbs ~ Luke French ~ Mark Dodson ~ Masaki Sugisaki ~ Matt Beardmore ~ Roberta Hall-McCarron ~ Rohit Ghai ~ Sam Buckley ~ Santiago Lastra ~ Shaun Hill ~ Stosie Madi ~ Stuart Collins 
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192 pages


Publication Date: 2nd September 2021

Published by Food Publishing (Books) Ltd



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